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is that why you don't do NY modeling? cause you don't want to starve yourself?

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not tall enough, not unique enough, would NEVER be skinny enough lol. respect to all those ladies! 

Do you think models actually starve themselves, or is that just something the media makes up?

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how else do u walk for prada

Hey @ashleysky remember when we took these cute pics and then I walked into a giant glass wall that came out of NO WHERE ✨💕🌴 lolz #fbf #lovesyou #donthurtthemoneymaker #jkitwasmyknee

Austin Hill?

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who dat

love ur edit!

Hi Hailee! I just signed with Option and I'm sooo excited to get started modeling!! But the thing is I'm not exactly the typical "model size", and I don't really want to be supaaa thin, do you think I could still do bigger things and sign with bigger agencies outside of Portland? Thanks!! you're my inspiration by the way girl

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congrats and welcome to the fam! thats a question for Nina. But obviously portland will be wayyy more forgiving than NY/la/london…id say just start eating healthy and tone up!

Why are some models only la and Miami based my cousin is

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it just means you dont have an agency somewhere else. all you do is meet with agents around the world and hopefully get signed