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This is my face//Vision Models//haileekbusiness@gmail.com BUSINESS: crystal@theaudience.com // instagram: @haileebobailee twitter: haileebobaileee


I know you probably don't wanna talk about your personal life but do you have a boyfriend? 😋

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I’m not supposed to say according to my agents hahah

youre the dopest person out there gurl, love you always xoxoxox

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Wow I love tou

I have braces and i need to get digitals soon but idk if i should wait to get them off or what. Do agencies care? Im getting them off early next year.

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Yes they won’t work you with braces cause clients don’t want braces

Hey hailee! Haha just wanna let you know you are on my lockscreen! :) Love you <3

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For some reason I love hearing that haha


Behind the scenes of a Portland woodland swimwear shoot with Chia Pet of the month, Hailee!  Hailee also let’s her inner Celine (not saline) hang out…and goes for a not quite titanic boat ride… but you have to watch to the end!  H.L.

I like your movie synopsis! Really makes you want to watch it ;)


MODEL LIFE….avec le Hailee Beau B’Ehleeigh

What do Enya, Richard Simmons, shopping, eating, hiking and California - and of course modelling - have in common?  Hailee.

You just have to watch it and subscribe to the Youtube Channel for more.


who is your fave model?

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Gemma wars always

Beauty!! What app for effect of iphone you liked?? Thank youu

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For effect app use I is vsco :)