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Do you love the Nike Roche?! Those are my favorite. Saw you wearing it in your hella tumblr dresssss(;

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hella hahaha

yea i love them on other people and have so many colors but am juuuust not comfortable in sneakers ack i need a lil chunk of heel!

wow you are probably the prettiest girl i have ever seen. :)

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Hi hailee! First of all i'm a huge fan, you're gorg! Also, I was just wondering if your celine bag is a mini luggage or a shoulder luggage? It's the perfect size and i want oneeee :)

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its the mini but seems so weird calling it mini!

Come to Australia so i can seduce you

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r u scarjo or a boy

Hi! I'm 5'9 and always wanted to try modeling however my measurements (32-27.5-37.5) aren't up to par.. I making it a goal to work out consistently and eat healthy consistently (which i've never done before.. it waxes and wanes).. I'm in decent shape and I've never been close to overweight before... I was just wondering if you had any advice? My goal is a 25 inch waist and 35 inch hip.. I want to try before my 19th bday in march... any advice for modeling

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yea you need to work on your hips as do i. pilates is literally body magic. it will whop you into shape so fast if you do it right and stick to it!

I just want to cuddle and play video games and eat junk food all night OH WAIT THATS WHAT IM DOING 👾🎮🍭 (minus the junk food someone needs to do a 7/11 run)

It's so cool that you're a nerd and not afraid to express your love for video games, fantasy films and all other things non fashion and modeling. It's actually refreshing. Keeping do you Hailee cuz you're cool.

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thank yu so much LET UR FREAK FLAG FLYYY