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I truly truly truly appreciate kind hearted people such as yourself. You've answered mine and others' questions and you are very polite and gracious. I wish that other people took a page out of your book and learn how to be kind to others :)

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I’m so happy you appreciate it thank you for saying thank you!

Hey Hailee, From what you remember of me, do you have any recommendations for what agency I could try to send a book to? I'm feeling like being in pictures for a while rather than strictly making them, and so I want to make a least one real attempt at it! Thing is, I'm about to be 24 D: Thanks for always being such a sweetie, I hope you're having a great dayyyy !

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Linnea you gorgeous creature! You could honestly try anywhere I’m so happy you want to! Vision, Wilhelmina, LA models and two are great. Their websites have places to submit photos and list open calls so check it out!!!

I'm not angry that you're not signed with them anymore. I just don't like liars. People were asking if you what happened in LA and you could've just said shit went down and you didn't want to talk about it but instead you lied to your fans and said you were "taking a break" which is not cool. Especially coming from the person who tries to make fun if themselves on the Internet to make people like her? You're not superhuman. Shit happens. Own up to it once in a while. That's all

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Taking a break is true tho. I had other options of agencies to go to, but I wanted to go home for a little bit.

What age is to late to pursue modeling? I just turned 18 and want to apply for agencies by my 19th bday

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Still time for ya ;)

who is the most stuck up model/celeb you've ever met?

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Toni garn hahah

Please watch "Short Term 12" it's hella amazing and thennnn maybe you can reply or make a post about the movie. It's really good I think you'd like it. You listed your favorite movies on your vlog and I was surprised how many we had in common. It's on Netflix too! You'll enjoy it. Watch the trailer at least you princess babe.

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Awh thanks for watching my vlog bb! Or dude. Idk which you are ;) haha. I’m gonna look it up just 4 u!

Some things it don’t think should be discussed in public eye. Most things that travel in gossip are not true. To the very angry person writing to me: slow your jets. Come to me and ask nicely before accusing me of things. I have not wanted to address something that has not been asked. Do you see that agency listed anywhere anymore? Well actually now that I think of it it might still be on tunblr lol. But insta is all that matters right?;) and it’s not there. But holy balls take a chill pill and move on I’m obvs not with them so why get so angry? Sorry you were behind the times.