Anonymous asked:
Have you had the chance to hang out with Toni Garrn? Seeing as she's a famous model, you would probably get along well.

Yea I’ve been around her a couple times. She’s…how you would expect her to be

klee71 asked:
Hailee thanks so much for posting your new video! I find it amazing that someone could be so beautiful inside and out. I simply worship you! 😊

do you like it?! i think next i will do a vid with olivia and i cooking :)

Fairy elf lord of the rings playtime with @lucaspassmore ✨⭐️✨⭐️🌺
04.22.14 /21:33/ 11


Hailee Lautenbach is a 10/10.
Her genetics are blessed.

Throwback to my article @bisousmagazine interviewing @Markaroo / @movmt . Deyyy blowing up. #psnicelastname || happy to be writing for them again  (at bisous magazine)
04.21.14 /19:02/ 2
Hippidyhappidy Easter! Why do girls travel in packs? Cause they CANT EVEN!!!! || fun filled day with @oliviafrischer
04.20.14 /14:10/ 18
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