I’ve officially gone lesbian for my friends. ✨💕🌴 coachella. Were here. || @bhollyb @paigetiziani @jennyalbright @gabriellerenea @kaitlynkennedyhowe @thedestinysierra  (at gucci manor coachella)
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I think this is about to be the best weekend of my life @coachella #1oakchella @gabriellerenea  (at gucci manor coachella)
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Morning little Unicorns 🌈💖🐺🍕 how’s everyone’s Monday looking? Got some castings for my favorite brands today✨✨ anyway it’s selfie time, I woke up like this (+20 mins of make up)
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Feelin some type of way today @jennyalbright @oliviafrischer

Anonymous asked:
Lol I loved Olivia's fake Russian accent so cute. Is she Russian? Tell her she looks like Miranda Kerr please.

She does doesn’t she! She’s mad Miranda got the hm ad and not her ;)No she’s just roomed with a lot of Russians in model apartments

Anonymous asked:
How do u know Steph??? Do u know samierobinson or brookehogan1

Samie! Only from insta. Steph and I were insta friends and now she’s in LA so we met up

Anonymous asked:
I saw your videos on youtube and i think youre a really sweet cutie patootie

Making more!

klee71 asked:
Haliee, I love your personality it really comes across well in your pics and blog! Plus you have the most incredible eyes. I like the fact you will stand up for yourself too! Do you meet a lot of pushy people in the business or are most good people?

Yes men think girls will give themselves up in this business for a job. And many of your favorite celebs slept their way there. So that is stressful to know. I just stay positive and professional.
Thanks for the eye comment, I’ve been hearin that a lot lately. Guess eyes are the window to the soul!:$

Anonymous asked:
I find you to be one of the most beauty women I have ever seen!!!! And I get your personality also reflects that as well.

Thank you for noticing the personality part

Anonymous asked:
I believe you are the reason God gave us eyes!! So Beautiful!!


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